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Just realize it's been forever since one of us has posted.... lameness... we must change that. *looks at Shane*


So I've (Ange) just finished watching the first 25 episodes of Bleach and i must say i'm really enjoying it. Shane is at like episode 82 or something crazy high like that, i think in a week or to i may be caught up. I'm glad my brother hounded me enough that i gave into watching it.

Other shows i'm really enjoying is Planet Earth, we just watched five episodes so far and i am totally buying that DVD boxset one of these days, it's soooooooooooooooooooooooo great. Crazy all the things that happen on earth that you don't really know about and all the animal cuteness.

So the countdown is on!!!!!! There is 41 days until i am in San Diego with Shane yet again!!!!!!! Gosh the distance totally blows!!!!!!!!!!!

I miss you Shane!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3<3<3

Okies well i am now going to go back to watching something.. I kinda wanna watch some more anime but i feel drawn to watching Gokusen live action, grr what to do what to do.

Happy 5 month !

Just wanted to say happy 5 month anniversary to my amazing girl. I love you baby.

I miss my Ange

Rawr, I miss you baby. It's been a long day without you.

I hope you're having an awesome time with Janet and Chris, though. You deserve an awesome birthday celebration with your friends tonight (and your family tomorrow)! :)

I love you baby. And since it just hit midnight for you, happy birthday sweetheart! :D

Rawr Friday

Rawr my baby has work the whole day and I'm going to miss her like crazy, but at least I get to call and talk to her a few times and hear her beautiful voice. :) I think Ange and I will post some pictures on here - some of the nice San Diego pictures from my end and some of Ange's awesome art work. We'll have a ton of pictures to post mid-June to mid-July and a bit after too, it will be awesome.

Work is good because money is good, but I always miss my Ange when we're not together. At least we get to sleep in tonight. :) Anyhow, before I continue to talk about how much I miss my baby or other things that shouldn't be posted on our LiveJournal, I'll go ahead and end this one. Weeeeeee.


So today is my day off and Shane has school /cry. That and when he gets home from his classes he'll have a bunch of homework to do. BoOOOOOLoooOOOloooOOOO. Not that i'm not happy that he's doing so well in school but as the girlfriend, lol i want to be selfish but of course i want him to do well, bleh woe is me. But yeah I should just suck it up, he'll be home soon and i can try to distract him then, bwahahahaha. I've decided that I'm going to start posting some of my makeup work here, for fun. Lol that way our blog wont be total lamers. Ooooo and pictures, i'm going to have to talk to Shane and see if he wants to post some hot San Diego picks as well. Rawr Ok before i rant on i'm going to go like hang myself, lol a la emo, no i'm teasing i have some cleaning to do woop woop.

Yay for Sundays!

Today is a day off for both Shane and I so we figured we'd make a live journal. We've been frequenting a certain blog to view all of her beautiful images of Japanese living!! So our STALKER days are now over!!! YATTA!!!! Anywho off to do something else with Shane! But yes we shall update as regularly as possible, be prepared for ANIME TALK!!!!



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